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Join Evelyn on her Adventures

"Ring to End the Pain" is marked on a Bell. As Evelyn instantly recalls her rather recent painful memories, she accidently rings the bell of Kataclysm and brings up the end of Rocco's Island. Join Evelyn on her journey to save the mysterious Island in this 2D atmospheric puzzle adventure game.

The Four Elementals

Solve their problems and earn the keys to Rocco

King Felipe (Water)

King Felipe is a Water Elemental, governing all states and variations of water, ice, and steam. He has taken the form of the legendary yeti of the old Himalayas and wields a quarterstaff as his weapon of choice. Felipe is a gentle soul whose wisdom far exceeds his elemental peers, but also has a heavy heart that stems from personal tragedies experienced in his past. Felipe also suffers from masochistic tendencies, taking on not only his own burdens but also those of the world around him, often suffocating himself as a result. This is one dude who's in serious need of some healing!

Queen Barta (Fire)

Queen Barta is the Fire Elemental of the island. She took upon the form of a fierce wolf. Her penchant for angry outbursts are so terrifying that many of Mount Blaiz' denizens consider assuaging her anger to be their solemn duty. In return, Barta is extremely protective of the denizens of her kingdom. Of the Four Elementals, Barta is unique in having a howl so loud it resonates all over her kingdom. She is also an expert at spear fighting, but her most terrifying quality is her set of sharp fangs that are only rivaled by those of Verena.

King Tahvo (Earth)

King Tahvo is the Earth Elemental of the island. Though many associate him with greed and suspicion, there's a lot more to Tahvo than meets the eye. He's an expert at slingshots, as well as a philosopher from the libertarian school of thought. At one time, Tahvo considered teaching in academia but soon discovered he likes gaining, or hoarding, knowledge more than actually sharing it with others. It's no wonder that Thera Valley is home to the island's greatest library as well as cosmic observatory, even though Tahvo hasn't visited either for quite some time.

Queen Gael (Air)

Gael is the Air Elemental of the island. She is said to look so majestic that most folks automtically kneel upon seeing her. Gael also exudes heavily a sense of superiority over beings without wings, and stays aloof from the affairs of the other kingdoms. Legend speaks of a distant past when Gael used to rule Fort Gleide with a partner, but strangely no one seems to remember who that partner was. Gael also has a penchant for colorful jewelry, which she often wears upon her body. Gael does not use weaponry of any kind, prefering to fight only with her natural and deadly claws.

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