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The Team spent a lot of time to imagine Eva's friend in the real world.

[DevLog 005] Designing the Character Tree and Relationships

Take Me Home Dev Log -Character Tree by CS MOON (Created Mar 31st, 2020)

The team has now spent a considerable amount of time setting the plot and the background story of TTT Universe. We officially invited a well respected friend CS MOON to make and design a more plausible and attractive story/concept. It took marathon meetings for many weeks setting the background story and aligning it with how it should be implemented to the gameplay. The job was so complicated and time consuming and at the end we took out about 80% of the story to simply accentuate what we think it's more important in terms of narrative and storytelling.

Couple of Major Core Decisions we made this week

  • We want multiple endings

  • Relationships between characters and dialogue will hint the players about the background

  • Time does not pass inside this universe so no one can die because of age

  • The only way someone dies is through murder

  • We want the story to be a murder mystery and player needs to find the murderer

After hitting many walls with the story, we feel very thankful that we have found a clear direction.