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We wanted to implement a hidden object kinda puzzle mechanic.

[DevLog 011] Layout and Background Concept Ideation

Take Me Home DevLog - Since we liked the new characters we wanted to test the layout and background concept (Created May 21st, 2020 by Sangpil Moon & Yewon Lee)

Our initial fun factor as an adventure game was to explore the world and randomly click on things to gather hints for this world. Also we wanted to deliver a story not only with the conversations and narratives, but with other aspects of the game like Item description.


Our idea of the core fun factor was very rough so we had not option but to lay it out to imagine if it would at least look fun on the first place. Going through this process the team was able to discuss what the controls would look like on the screen. After placing too many magnifiers we noticed that the representation might look to stressful and that the storytelling could get affected by this perplexity. We immediately recognized that we needed to find a way to create new controls that would make everything look very simple so that players can focus on what is important. After discussing the layout we thought the background needed to be really well made to make an immersive ambiance and that the current concept look plane and boring.

We thought it would look like fun...but Nope. Mission Failed.