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Eva uses her colored rune stones to do magic (Oracle Scripted)

[DevLog 020] Eva's Magic Skill and her Magic Bag

Eva uses her rune stones to do magic with her special bag (Created June 30th, by Yewon Lee)

The team sat down and discussed how we want Eva to use her magic. This would be a very crucial element in the game that connects the Match 3 core with the Adventure core. We wanted a seemless mechanic and animation to do this.

We imagined what girls play when they are a child with their marbles. Instead we replaced them with magic runes. It's still concept stage but we hope this animation can be well implemented to make the game really seamless and fun.

We also fixed on how the magic bag would look as a UI down under the screen. Once the player explores the adventures, they will find helpful items to solve puzzles and they can store them inside Eva's magic bag.

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Trying out the concept and UI size down below the Screen

Once players find items, we want to animate the motion into the bag