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Seeing the look and feel by putting together the background and assets

[DevLog 022] Putting together Map Background Assets

Making the Map look more mysterious (Created July 3rd, by Yewon Lee)

This concept represents the first impression of the game. Starting off from a dark forest and exploring to find things that look awkward. Our initial concern was how do we make the player curious and keep that tension up. That's why we placed broken statuesand fences. We were not sure how to treat the light. Our assumption was that it would look more curious if it's dark. However the overall 2d look and feel on this concept looked plain and boring for our taste. We needed to look more exotic and strange for sure. We will need to go through a lot of trial and error to find the perfect look. Let's keep on working on it until we get it right. What a tough week.

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We didn't want to make the game look like a horror game. We tried to focus on making the map and assets as mystical as possible. However although the overall feel looks cute we thought this concept looked too plain. We have to do something to make this look way better and curious.