Dev Log History

We first layed out the roads and the sections where the doors will be placed. Imagining the player experience along the road was quite a tough challenge for the team.

[DevLog 044] Setting the right theme of the Island

(Created Nov 17th, by Joori Song)

As we are developing the story, we are planning on making 4 boss themes on top of the island for the Elementals(Water,Fire,Air,Earth)

Joori did some research to set a direction on how these themes will look like along the roads set on top of the island. These themes are important because we don't want to bore our players with something obvious.

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Theme 1: Water

Theme 2: Earth

Theme 3: Fire

Theme 4: Air

This is the first concept image Joori made to illustrate the themes of the elementals applied to the island.

The look inside the game will look different since we want to make an atmospheric visual that could spark curiosity along the path. It will be darker and shadier and lights will light up once players clear the doors that activing like a wall.