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This was the visual representation of what the world shold look like from CS. MOON.

[DevLog 040] Starting from Ground Zero Again

(Created Oct 14th, by Team)

Everyone who has played our demo would understand. The game is boring and has so many problems. We really had to sit down and talk for 3 full days looking back to what we did wrong and present a new direction.

At the same time, the team started to lose confidence on what we are working on having a lot of performance issues.

So we talked about pretty much everything. lack of responsibilities, lack of communication, lack of goal and motivation and most importantly the core game mechanics.

Finally, Sangpil was able to present a rough idea of what the game would look like with several new game mechanics.

1) The games needs a game over moment on the adventure map.

2) The game needs a more immersive story and character to lead.

3) The game needs a map where we can show everyone the whole map and zoom into the situation the player needs to solve with great camera work to look more interesting.

4) The team needs hire a new environment artist to work solely on the map and adventure game with a whole new art concept.

5) We want this to be a fantasy world and yet we made a world that is too similar with our own.

6) We need to over simplify everything we did so that players can actually understand what this game is all about.

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