Dev Log History

This is what the dialogues initionally looked like.

[DevLog 057] Dialogue UI Design

(Created April 5th, by Yewon Lee)

The team started to work on the dialogue system of Rocco's Island. As Jonghyeon progresses in creating an editor system for Sangpil to type in the text, Yewon redesigned the UI of the dialogue.

Couple of points that we wanted to implement was...

1) Should have a name of NPC
2) Should have a theme & color based on the element(Fire,Water,Earth,Air).
3) Next button should not be text but a well implemented design
4) Usabilitywise, players should be able to double click to skip

As we are finishing up the dialogue system, we are now going to be implementing the quiz system and the character animations during the chats.

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Spat belongs in the Earth Element.

Evelyn doesn't speak their language, so Eva does most of the talking.