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[DevLog 038] Final Demo Buidl Ready for Chuseok

(Created Sep 29th, by Sangpil Moon)

Just in time for Chuseok Holidays in Korea (Sep 30~Oct 5th), the team was able to barely make the demo in time. To be honest, it is very buggy and the implementation is very amateur but we are just happy that we hit a milestone. We found so many problems in the game during the crunch time for the past 2 weeks.

1) Adventure game moving from one side to the other side tends to be repetitive and boring.

2) The idea of opening doors is good but the overall representation needs to be more clear and intuitive. So moving forward, all the match 3 puzzles excluding the doors need to be scrapped.

3) The walking speed of Eva is too slow and makes the game feel static.

4) We were not able to make the item collection model due to lack of time.

5) The conversation dialogue and overall tone has too much text and lacks interest. If we don't change this we think many will just want to skip the text missing out the story.

6) There needs to be a lot more zoom in and zoom out effects carefully designed so that the overall action is more delightful.

....and many more problems.

Coming back to work on Oct 6th, we will be having a critical meeting on how to change the overall experience, cause the game is not fun. We think the game is boring at this stage.

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