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Mockup Resolution of platformer and layouts by Yewon Lee

[DevLog 017] How to make the game look great on all screen sizes? (Resolution Problem)

Take Me Home DevLog - Is it possible to make the game look great fr all types of resolutions on PC and Mobile?(Created June 25th, by Yewon Lee)

Yewon has always worked on a mobile resolution, but when the team saw it on PC monitor everyone was bombed. Every object looked way too big and there were so much more space we needed to fill compared to mobile. So the team had to make a major choice at this stage of development. Alas, the team has agreed to obtimize the game on PC then work on mobile on resolution issue.

Also, we learned that we needed to tune the camera work zooming in and zooming out to portray the details during NPC conversations. This would probably need to be re-worked when we implement the mobile resolution.