Dev Log History

[DevLog 062] Creating a unique 2D shadow puzzle game

(Created May 24th, by Jonghyeon Park, Joori Song & CS Moon )

A major part of the gameplay in Rocco's Island is resolving problems for the key elementals(Water, Fire, Earth, Wind). Since the game is using match 3 puzzle mechanics to open the blocked doors, the team originally planned on making it another match 3 puzzle. But the more the team played the game, everyone agreed that the team must find another cool puzzle game.

The team revolved from torch game ideas like that of Helsing's Fire(Which we enjoyed playing so much) to Shadow games like Iris Fall and Uncharted The Lost Legacy. However, Rocco's Island is a 2D game and it was really tough to design a shadow game without being 3D. After all shadow games are really more intuitive when they have a 3D perspective.

The team tackled on this problem to come up with a unique shadow game in 2D, adding more difficulty by allowing the player to move position with the source of light rather keeping a light source fixed like other shadow puzzle games.

Matching the shadow puzzle wil unveil the past history of the elementals using animated graphics allowing the player to understand the story behind the characters who reign in Rocco's Island.

After developing the shadow puzzle game, Rocco's Island is turning out be more and more like an story adventure game.

BTW, Which was your favorite shadow puzzle game so far?

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