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[DevLog 009] NPC Concept Sketch 3

Take Me Home DevLog - We finally got a good set of NPC concepts we can build on.
(Created Apr 27th, 2020 by Kyunglim Koh Directed by Yewon Lee)

Kyunglim joined the team on April 20th and started to work on new NPC concept with Yewon's Direction. The art team was able to deep dive on every individual personality of our NPCs starting with Rocco the Origin and Lylith the Tailor. The team immediately fell in love with the new character sketches and wanted to develop further. Finding a good solid concept really helps raise the quality of the discussion within the team which opens more room for greater ideas.

Early sketches of Fanny the Anxious Rabbit, Sanguin the Nihilistic Devil, Mimic of the Shapeshifters & Wonder the serving Knife.

Early sketches of Wolfgang the chatty lamb, Gunner the nervous alpaca, Gustav the Aristocrat, Pablo the naive triceratops, Clara the motherly fox & Wheeler the angry satyr.