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[DevLog 064] Who is ready to Ring the Bell of Cataclysm?

(Created June 27th, by Sol Lee & Joori Soang and CS Moon )

Evelyn, our hero of 16, wakes up on a beautiful desolate beach, without memory of how she got there. Evelyn finds herself mesmerized by the strange scenery for some time, but soon comes to her senses and feels an instictive need to find out where she is, how she got there, and how she may return home. A few steps away from her on the edge of the beach she finds lit torches hightlighting a large bell, looking as ancient as the think vines that are covering them. Evelyn approaches the bell and finds it to be engraved with drawings and letters barely recognizable. Upon dusting the bells and focusing on the characters, she makes out the words "RING TO END THE PAIN".

The bell of cataclysm lies at the hear of Rocco's Island. Exploring and finding out where it came from, and why it exists at all is an unsolved mystery for Evelyn and players.

The team started to work on the opening cinematic and wanted to share a still cut scene that captures our female protagonist Evelyn and the Bell of Cataclysm. This is where it all starts in Rocco's Island.

More to come.

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We wanted the bell of cataclysm to be big and heavy. Just like the ones you can find in the Korean Peninsula.