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Creating a unique puzzle block is pretty tough. So many games copy off each other, but we were looking for something more special.

[DevLog 013] Puzzle Block Concept and Design

Take Me Home DevLog - The team all agreed that we didn't want our 3 match puzzle blocks to look like what most other 3 match puzzle games look like in the market. They all look very similar and lack identity because they are mostly copied games.(Created June 2nd, 2020 by CS Moon & Yewon Lee)

We now have a new lead programmer Jonghyeon join the team this week, who will quickly begin making our prototype beginning with the puzzle mechanic. So Yewon was prepared to show him with the concept of our puzle game.

During our weekly meeting concept writer Chunder presented the idea of making our blocks unique based on oracle bone script. We immediately liked the idea and started implementing them on rune stones. We made the symbols more simple and cute to match with our game concept.

Yewon started off with the initial 7 blocks.

Trying different colors and UIs to get a clear direction.