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Joori and Sangpil Sat down to draw the emotion map to articulate the emotions we want to deliver depending on the position of the map. Tough Tough Job.

[DevLog 051] Using emotion maps to make adventure map

(Created Jan 27th, by Joori Song)

Before we began to conceptualize the details of the adventure map we read and read over the story made by CS Moon. Then we got together to draw emotion maps to depict the different emotions we want the players to feel as they progress on the adventure map.

Then we placed our position of the characters and tried to decorate the area according to the character's personal and characteristics.

It was a long process to get the outline of the Island first then getting the details right and to maximize our efforts to deliver the narrative.

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Here is an image of how we wrote down where the characters will be positioned according to the story and narrative.

This is close to what our adventure map would look like during Alpha stage. Everything will be properly animated to maximize the experience.