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Joori came up with 3 types of door concepts quickly.

[DevLog 045] Choosing the door concept for match 3

(Created Nov 30th, by Joori Song)

Joori initially came up with 3 concepts for the match 3 puzzle door mechanism. Trying it out on the background and ruminating on what will be right, we have decided that we want to use sharper shapes for the match 3 puzzle for the player to bring up the tension of the game.

Also, option #3 was much easier for the team to visualize how the door will close when the player fails the match 3 puzzle game.

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Using the sharper design joori then came up with 3 more options on the details for the encription design. The team thought that a circle would be the most intuitive way to show our players that the doors are clickable.

Then we layed on top of the background art concept to see if the door is easily visible due to it's sharpness and difference in color/brightness.