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[DevLog 042] Upgrading the character concept and personalities

(Created Oct 23th, by Yewon Lee)

We are reshaping the story of the game too. Yewon is working closely with our writter CS Moon to better understand what CS wants to express through the story. So this is the perfect time for us to take the time and quickly draw the personalities so that we can apply them on our new line of characters.

This type of worked really helped the team a lot to re-imagine the world we wanted to build. We thought it must look more attractive with more richer background stories that drive curiosity just from the look.

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We felt that there were limitations of our main character being too young, so the team has decided to change the main character as a teenage girl. This way the players can experience a broader story and emotions of the main character.

CS thought that our Yeti character looked too small for a Yeti. So we've changed it so that it has broader shoulders and a more macho look.

This was quite simpler because we wanted our rabbit character to look more like a rabbit.