Dev Log History

The Team spent a lot of time to imagin Eva's friend in the real world.

[DevLog 004] Eva's Friend?

Take Me Home Dev Log - illustration by Yewon (Created Feb 25th, 2020)

The team was considering what Eva's friends would look like in real life. We weren't sure if we were going to have this character in the game or not. But we thought that this new male character was so attractive that we wanted to keep working on it. Originally this character and personality was developed to have Eva co-appear in another project we've been working on called AutisPlay. His name is Otis, and is Eva's friend who has Autism. We still don't know when Otis will appear in the game.

AutisPlay is our brand for Games for Therapy

We designed this logo to create a project that would help autism therapist with offline therapy.

But due to COVID19 and all the crazy incidents, the project has been put on hold until all the pandemic is over.