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Basic 3 Match puzzle logic implemented with basic UI Concept

[DevLog 015] Basic 3 Match Puzzle Development

Take Me Home DevLog - The team was now able to put together a basic match 3 logic (Created June 15th, Jonghyeon Park)

Before we start developing our adventure game, we wanted to get the 3 match puzzle running with basic functions first, since it would be easier for the game designers to create and implement the right puzzle depending on the situation while playing the narrative based adventure game. It still looks incomplete because we put in almost no effort in making it look great visually.

This process of creating a mockup really helped our artists get an idea of the size of all the assets depending on different screen sizes. The current size looks great on mobile but the blocks look too big on 21in PC monitors. This is also when we were able to do some ideation on how we wanted to make the UI look different from most 3 match games out there.