Dev Log History

Final version of Evelyn by Yewon

[DevLog 050] Evelyn's Hair Style and School Uniform

(Created Jan 13th, by Yewon Lee & CS Moon)

It took a long process to design our main character Evelyn. We changed Evelyn from a little girl to a teenage girl because we wanted the main character to be able to assimilate more feelings and expressions to drive the story to the end.

We tried different faces, hair styles, school uniforms, expression to get it just right. We hope players find this character as interesting as we want to portray it to be.

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First we fixed on the Boarding School Uniform style

Then we tried different hair styles and motions to narrow down the concept

This is the short hair version without a jacket

3rd version of the Hair style with long solks

We tried different eye styles with reference from many animations and games.

We finally chose the eye and hair style and tried to depict different types of emotions so that we can be sure of the concept.

Based on the fixed face we chose the a uniform style that best fits our story and concept. Say hi to Evelyn. =)

As we will animate Evelyn after the character concept has been fixed we have illutrated how she will move to see if we have an attractive teenage girl character to lead the story.