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We have finalized the Bell of Kataklism based on the Korean Bell

[DevLog 048] Ring to End the Pain Concept

(Created Dec 15th, by Joori Song)

The game begins with the main character Evelyn accidently ringing a mysterious bell that stated "Ring to End the Pain". So metaphorically, the bell was very important asset to the game.

Joori has done a broad research then created a few types of bells that could portray the concept and being able to stand out on atmospheric background art.

At the end, the team chose a large bell over the small once not because of the look of it, but because of the sound that the bell make. Ringing the bell would make an impression to our players, so we hade to carefully design the experience with a very exotic sound of the bell after the Large bells found in the Korean Peninsula.

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These are concept of the small bells like the hotel bell or even bells hanging on a large tree.

These were the last two finalist for the bell concept after the Korean style bell. The tone of the bell will be lower and the sound of the bell would reach a far distance.