Dev Log History

We are trying to imagine the user-experience by sketching gameflow. We posted the problems we found with a post it and agreed within the team to solve these one by one moving forward with the project.

[DevLog 012] Game Flow Design - Connecting the dots

Take Me Home DevLog - We haven't impressed by last week's background concept yet but wanted to get an idea of what the user flow would look like. (Created May 26th, 2020 by Sangpil Moon & Yewon Lee)

Many things we wanted to be able to imagine..
1) How would users explore this world?
2) How do we want to connect the 3 Match Puzzle game scene?
3) How do we want to deliver the dialogue and story of the game?
4) How do make our players more curious about the ending?
5) How do we connect the Murder Mystery game play?

Too many problems we have to solve but like someone said it clearly years ago, you can only connect the dots looking backwards.

Players can explore the world

Camera Close-up during dialogues + Different Font Colors

Players can click on items and play puzzle=healing/fixing

When players clear the puzzle game they see this

Players can move to different scenes and maps to explore

Players make choices that changes the ending of the game.

How do we want to make the murder mystery more fun?