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[DevLog 068] Game Capture of the first experience

(Created August 30th, by Sangpil Moon )

Hello all,

Today we wanted to share a video that includes the first impression of the game. Rocco's Island begins the game by showing Evelyn's nightmare and waking up on a desolate beach. Our intensions were to leave a lot of room for the player to figure out what to do and decide where to go.

So here it is. =)

Please let us know what you think. We are receiving feedback that the game is too slow and loose from the beginning, however we think it is necessary room for the player to think and explore the possibilities.

We haven't really worked on the camera yet, but we think it's too closed in to the character at this moment. So allow us to work on it to tune the immersiveness moving forward.

More to come.

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