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Animated Trees which is hard to notice but improves quality. We definitely didn't want to over do it.

[DevLog 026] Improving the quality of the background layers

(Created Aug 3rd, by Yewon Lee & Jonghyeon Park)

This week we focused on improving the quality of the backgrounds. The team got together to ruminate about detailed ideas. We began to programatically animate the trees just enough so that the players would not feel alienated.

We also started to resize all the assets around the size of the main character Eva. Some assets got bigger and some assets got smaller. At the core, we needed to fix on the size of Eva relatively according to the size of the PC monitor. We need to keep on updating on this as making Eva too small gets in the way delivering the facial expression. We also came up with the idea of Zooming in during the conversations and zooming out when Eva is running.

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Trial and error of fixing on the size of eva along with the background of the game.