Dev Log History

[DevLog 025] Putting together the background and character

(Created July 31st, by Yewon Lee & Jonghyeon Park)

Starting this week the team has started to put together our game background and main character eva. We've also worked to put in basic converstation dialogues to discuss within the team on how to execute the details. We have a new map scene that shows the tree along with the gate where eva has to gather all her tools to open the door.

Making the background, we had to put in extra effort on using light really carefully. We wanted the background to look full with the trees but we didn't want to over do it looking too complecated. Without light the background looked to dark so it almost looked like a horror game, which was not the way we wanted to go.

We also integrated a text dialogue. We didn't like how the text appears at this moment especialy the next button. So we will have to work to make this experience seemless.

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We have not integrated a text dialogue

This is what it looks like in motion, gif.

This is what eva looks like running on our background

Background tree of exemplar on Unity 3d

This is what Tree of Exemplar looks like as Eva closes in.

Background tree of exemplar on a closeup scene.