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Game Logo with Steam Page Console Title Image.

[DevLog 034] Title Logo Variations

(Created Aug 25th, by Nayoung Kim)

Designing the perfect title logo is very tough. So we invited Caligraphy Artist Nayoung Kim for consultation. Sangpil wanted the logo to look like it is hand written.

We first received 3 variations, but none of them looked like our concept. But we liked the roughness with one of the logos. Hence we requested that the logo would have a T drawn over the top word so that it looks more like one solid word and so that it has a stronger accent and presence.

Also the M in Home looked to plain so the team wanted an edgier and sharper capital M. After this process we were able to settle with a unique title logo that we think can represent our story and concept of a girl wanting to return home.

Thank you Nayoung for the wornderful work.

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