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All our Characters were put on the wall.

[DevLog 010] Designing Relationships between NPCs

Take Me Home DevLog - Finalizing NPC concepts and putting them on the wall. (Created May 13th, 2020 by Sangpil Moon & Yewon Lee)

We began to color our NPCs and decided to stick them all on one side of the wall because it always helps to get a bigger picture. We grouped tem into the categories and wrote down their characteristics and personalities on a post it because it gets overwhelming. Then we started to connect the dots on how each character would interact with one another designing the relationships and what makes it intriguing along with the story. For e.g., When Wolfgang the chatty lamb talks with Pylip the lying monkey players would get to see an interesting situation where wolfgang is actually lying to other characters because he talks and talks.

Again, putting everything on the wall really helped the team to discuss in detail and share ideas on funny situations that could fill in the details much later in production.

Pylip the Lying Monkey

Pylip is quite consistent in lying. So players have to think the opposit..

Wolfgang the Chatty Lamb

He talks and talks and talks...hence he delivers everything he hears.