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The team finally has an official logo! Yay!

[DevLog 056] New Store Header Capsule Image

(Created April 1st, by Sangpil Moon & Joori Song)

We are happy to introduce our new logo of Rocco's Island: Ring to End the Pain. We wanted to show the look and feel of the art concept and also show that it's really an interesting story game with a great concept.

Header Capsule Images are always a very diffiicult task since the space is very limited. We took this moment to really narrow down on what we wanted to accentuate to players who have never played our game before. It had to be artistically subtle and also have symbolic assets at the same time.

The team has debated whether we should be revealing too much of the game or not, so we settled with a tail of the Whale hidden behind the logo.

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This is a screenshot on how it looks on the steam page