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[DevLog 063] Adding a drop of humor with game items and collectables

(Created June 12th, by Joori, Sangpil & CS Moon )

Adventure games contain a variety of puzzles, decoding messages, finding and using items, opening locked doors or finding and exploring new locations. Today we wanted to talk about how we designed our items/objects to tell even more hidden stories and also to add a drop of humor.

It all started when the team decided to make a point to click game. Using the point to click mechanic, players can click a position to move, click on NPCs to talk and converse, click on doors to play puzzles, and quite naturally click on objects to see the details. All these actions need to be designed and aligned very well to be fun and intuitive.

In this case, we first asked ourselves how we are going to design the 'click on objects' part of the game. Do we want our players to keep on searching for new objects? Do we want to make it into another puzzle and block the flow of the game if the player is not able to find an object?

But the team was quite clear that we didn't want make the game too difficult to play. So instead of making it a puzzle mechanic or hidden object mechanic, we decided to make into a collectable system to partly help the boring moments when the character is moving from one position to another. We designed it so that players can click on items to read a short description of it.

Plus, CS wanted to add more humor aspects by revealing the description from the point of view of a person living 30,000 years in the future commenting on the 21st century objects.

We hope the players like this aspect of the game and enjoy searching 21st century items that are almost classic.

More to come.

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