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Cynical personality Concept by Sol

Resigned Personality Concept

Weared out personality Concept

[DevLog 053] Trying out different character styles for the Elementals

(Created Feb 08th, by Sol Lee & Yewon Lee)

After Yewon has been working on the animation for Evelyn, we immediately knew that we were in need of more talent to support the team on character illustration and animation. So we are welcoming Sol Lee to the team. Both Sol and Yewon worked on different Elementals(Felipe and Barta). Since we have a new member in town, the two artists had to coordinate to align their artstyle. It took much longer than the team anticipated, but luckly it was a success.

You can see on these two concepts by Sol and Yewon that they not only have different art style but difference in detail. Yewon's art looked more complex and Sol's art looked too simple. You can check the final works of how the characters turned out to be when the game roles out.

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Egyptian Sphinx? Concept by Yewon

Too Disney like?

Just scary enough. Perfect.