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We need to answer this question every step forward.

[DevLog 028] How do we know if it's fun?

(Created Aug 10th, by Sangpil Moon)

We've been making Take Me Home for more than 8 months now. We are slowly starting to see the game come together. There is so much to do and everything seems to be scattered in pieces. So we had to recap on what our goals where for a moment. We needed to set some standards within the team regarding our team's definition of fun moving forward.

Hence, we have set the following Rules to assess our game from this moment and forward.

1) Are we delivering the law of closure very well to our players?

2) Is everything immersive enough to make the players lose track of time?

3) Are we making the player use all their 5 senses? Perhaps 6?

4) Are we making the player consistantly try/find/learn new things throughout the game?

Everyone talks about the target audience of the game. However, we've also defined within our team that we are making this game for ourselves. Let's try to not make a mistake targeting an audience that we are not part of. We basically would not be able to understand them.

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