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[DevLog 023] Eva Running and Walking Animation

We have created Walking and Running Animations for Eva (Created July 10th, by Yewon Lee)

Now that we have a rough concept of the background and the assets (Although we will work on them again for better quality) we wanted to quickly make animations for eva so that we can get a feel of her moving on the platform.

Although she is not blinking yet, we tried to make her bag bounce naturally. One concern we got is that then eva is running to the other side or changing directions we only thought of flipping these images. But since she wears her cross bag on one side it looks awkward when she changes directions. Some players might see this as a game but as a story game these small glitches can interrrupt the narrative especially during the first 5 mins of the game.

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We created these simple animations using spine. Above is what it looks like on the atlas.