Dev Log History

Pencil sketch of the island concept made by Sangpil

[DevLog 043] Steps to getting the Island Silhouette right

(Created Nov 10th, by Joori Song)

Joori has joined the team as environmental concept artist.

Her first job was to start shaping the concept of the island where the adventure will take place. The initial concept was drawn on paper by Sangpil to visualize the concept. We will using the closing doors method to decide the theme of the island.

Initially we tried 3 variations.

1) a magical theme
2) Old Myth theme
3) Fantasy theme

We were only looking at the silhouette of the island to decide on this because just by the shape of it, it needs to be attractive. In the end the team chose the silhouette of the magical theme.

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Option 1) Magical Theme Island

Option 2) Old Myth themed Island

Option 3) Fantasy themed Island

Initially chosen outline of the Island

Moved the floating island to the right for better balance of the map

Rough imagination of where the doors will be located for Match 3 Puzzle

Fixed locations of the Boss stages and starting point of the adventure game.

Players will have to explore and travel these roads to get to the boss stages.

Joori initially wanted the overall shape of the island to look like a dragon but we immediately knew that we needed the extra space for more 3 match puzzles on the lower left of the island.

We also pictured to make bridges that connect the flowting island but later decided that the position needs to be moved towards the center for better camera movement and syncronous flow.