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Moving your Mouse- over on assets changes the mouse scroll pointer to other features like this magnifier.

[DevLog 030] Collecting items to open the chapter gate is no fun.

(Created Aug 13th, by Sangpil Moon)

The team initally planned to make a game where players can collect items to open/solve the chapter end gate(The Tree of Exemplar). In the process the team came up with PC game mechanics and user experience using the Mouse. We already knew that the game was going to be a point to click game.

However, Jonghyeon alarmed the team that the whole process of collecting these items to open the game is not fun. It was very persuasive that it takes too much time for the player to find out which items they need to collect and once they reach this gate they would have to go back and search in the game which seemed like waste of time. More over, the items seemed to be irrelevent with the story.

Hence the team has decided to change the game design in many ways.

1) On the Adventure map, let's have the player play the match 3 puzzle as Eva's Magic Spell Moment.

2) Eva should use her magic spell with her runes and be able to open blocked obstacles that stop her from progressing on the game.

3) Let's have the items as a reward and make the player to use these items as part of the puzzle to solved obstacles.

4) Putting obstacles on the adventure map can help create short term goals for the player to be able to focus more on what is important.

Thank you Jonghyeon for stepping up and gathering the team to discuss a very important direction of the game.

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