Dev Log History

[DevLog 024] Hand Drawing our Map Design and Layouts for better imagination

(Created July 17th, by Yewon Lee)

This part of the map is the first part of the game, so we wanted to impress the players sparking curiosity during the first 5 minutes. However Yewon's concern was that her work on the PC looked nothing special and she had difficulty imagining the whole experience. Hence she decied to turn the monitor off and took several pieces of paper to hand draw the whole experience. This decision was one of the best decisons we've made so far. It helped the whole team talk about the details on what the player would go through and develop our ideas further.

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We wanted to start the game in a mysterious forest and slowly endup finding a gate

This part the map is the part she enters when she opens the gate

Yewon then scanned the papers and started to add colors and detail to the concept.