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In order to save alot of time we use collages to deliver the storyboard.

[DevLog 019] Storyboard for Intro Cinematics

Take Me Home DevLog - Designing the first impression of the game and delivering a narrative with cinematics. (Created June 29th, by CS MOON & Sangpil Moon)

The first five minutes of the game experience is very important. These earliest minues are both the hook that draws the player in and the context that sets the player in the correct emotional state to get the most out of the experience they're about to have.

We asked ourselves what human desire are we fundamentally tapping into? We wanted the player to meet the desire to explore and also spark curiosity on the narrative and the story. It was quite simple. So we decided to show players an event and rewind time to spark this curiosity.

Girl is lost and abou to cry. Walks in the forest and sits on a tree.

Girl hears a sound and decides to take a peak...

In the forest she finds someone bleeding and screaming "Muderer"

Clock rewinds 24 hours

Girl is riding behind her mom's bick heading somewhere

Team Intro text appears

Girl is at a field trip, but she's new and not getting along yet

Credits: CS MOON

She secretly pulls out her Butterfly Net from her secret bag. Bright light illuminates rapidly and she can't see a thing.

Credits: Sangpil Moon

She finds herself in a whole new place. Where is this? Where is everyone?

Game Tutorial Begins